Shape The World

Shape The World is a 2D puzzle game that I worked on in a team of 3 for a 48 hour game jam in March 2020.


Oiseau is a platformer demo that I worked on in a small team from March 2019 to October 2019.

Candywool Games

I built the Candywool Games blog/website as part of my work on Oiseau. It is a React site that is loading a blog from the Prismic CMS.


ETRA is a web application design to assist London Borough of Hackney housing officers in performing their duties.

Unity Physics Sound

A utility for creating dictionaries of sounds that correspond to physics materials in Unity, for uses such as surface dependent footsteps.


Smartwyre is a commerce system for agricultural inputs and services.

Loris Settings Manager

The Loris Settings Manager is a Unity utility for the configuration of game settings and in-game menus.


FamilyStory is a case management application designed to aid social workers in building better relationships with families.


vPlace is a one-stop online workplace that enables a range software products to be delivered in a Software as a Service IT environment.

Robot Factory

Robot Factory is a programming game about giving instructions to a robot to help it navigate through the environment. It was built in Unity.


Wellspring is a 2D side-scroller with a randomly generated world. It was built in Unity with a small team.

River Rumble

A mobile endless runner built in Unity, utilising tilt and swipe gestures.

Ether Run

Ether Run is an endless runner for mobile built in Unity. Its primary mechanic is an electric torch that is used to destroy demons.


A multiplayer zombie FPS built using Unity in 2015.

Solar System Clock

A graphics programming project written using MatLab in 2015.

Snazzy Invaders

Snazzy Invaders is a space invaders clone for mobile built in Unity.

Alpine Lake

Alpine Lake is a shader programming showcase built using C++ and GLSL.


Blackout is a 3D game demo written in C++ using the Iirlicht game engine.

Physics Golf

A physics simulation game written in C++ without the use of a high level game engine.

The Living Labyrinth

The Living Labyrinth is a randomly generated dungeon crawler written in C++ without the use of any high level game engine.